Brew Balls, Please!

We’ve just had our Brew Wimbledon site renovated, rejuvenated and fitted with a stylish wood-fired pizza oven… So where better to base yourself for the annual summer jamboree of tennis that is Wimbledon?

We’ll be showing the tournament on a big screen in our Wimbledon High Street location, which is the haunt for players and coaches including Leyton Hewitt and Maria Sharapova… So you never know who you might end up rubbing shoulders with…

Fancy something delightful to eat while you’re watching a five set thriller? What could be more appropriate – not to mention tastier – than Strawberries and Cream Pancakes. And if you really are on the hunt for “new balls”, have you ever tried a Lamington? We’re proud to present our very own original tennis take on these Australian classics. Sponge cake, covered in chocolate and then sprinkled with coconut… We’ve designed ours to look exactly like tennis balls!

You might want to wash that down with something a little stronger than the ubiquitous barley water and that’s where our special “Winning Wimbledon Cocktails” come in. Show your support for Britain’s big hope by sipping on a Murray’s Cup. We’ve also got a Champagne Sharapova, Cash Collins, Martini Navratilova and Gin McEnroe to choose from if you’re just as parched but not so partisan.

We hope to see you at Brew for Wimbledon… It’s going to be a Grand Slam!