Common Ground

Common Ground

Fed up of exercising on your own? Brew has the answer

Don’t want to be shouted at by someone in military fatigues?

Why not meet with friends at the amazing Brew on Lower Richmond Road instead?

Socialise before going across to the Common where you will recieve fitness instruction from our expert personal trainer Susie Morgan

Afterwards you can make your way back to Brew and enjoy a detox juice on us.

You can even freshen up in our brand new changing rooms.
Stay for breakfast or simply take the rest of the day as you please.

The CG sessions are designed to mix all facets of fitness into one session.

Personal trainer Susie Morgan’s 45 minute outdoor training will incorporate interval-based, compound, multiple-muscle group, and functional resistance exercises; coupled with CORE flexibility training, body structure/ posture support.
A truly results oriented, and balanced, total body training system, which leads to optimal health and fitness.
In a nut shell, the classes will change your body but will be fun as well as challenging!

Common Ground- Sociable Fitness only at Brew

£15 per person.